• Due to supply chain issues with glass jars, we have temporarily disabled new web orders. We hope to reopen them soon. If you need honey in the meantime, please visit any of our local sales outlets.

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real honey

Our honey goes straight from the hive through a simple strainer and right into the jar. Our honey is 100% pure with nothing added or altered in order to provide the purest flavor and greatest amount of health benefits.

happy bees

We do our best to keep our bees happy and healthy which is why we follow green beekeeping methods. Our bees are surrounded by naturally growing flora and no chemicals or sprays are used on any of the properties where our bees are kept.

product variety

Did you know there are different types of honey that each have a unique flavor? We have a variety of specialized honeys, different products made with honey and recipes to help you use them. Check out our shop and blog for more details!




Featured products

Fall Honey

100% pure Kentucky raw, unprocessed honey in a crystal clear glass jar or plastic bear. Contains fall wildflowers, like aster and goldenrod. This honey is robust, full of your favorite fall aromas, with a rich deep flavor profile.

Summer Honey

100% natural Kentucky honey. Pure and unprocessed and available in a glass jar or plastic bear. Primarily from clover blooms. This honey is a light amber color with a nice aromatic floral taste.

Original Creamed Honey

This is the original Crigger Farm creamed honey! Nothing added - just spreadable, meltable and creamy pure honey. We spent a year mixing and matching to get the absolute smoothest texture.

Peanut Butter & Honey Fluff

Our Peanut Butter & Honey Fluff is a decadent mix of sweet Crigger Farm honey and natural peanut butter with a swirl of marshmallow cream to give it a wonderful fluffy texture.