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About Us


I remember being trapped in my Pappaw's truck one summer when I was a kid.  He was outside capturing a swarm of bees that had settled into a tree.  The dark cloud of bees circling around and the loudness of their buzzing terrified me. I was convinced I was going to be attacked by these "killer bees" and meet my demise right there in that truck.  Luckily, I managed to survive. Now, I find it soothing when I hear the humming sound of a hive of bees.  It always makes me think about that day with my grandfather and smile.  It's funny how certain things stick with you.  The family tradition of beekeeping started in Virginia with my great-grandfather, a prankster I called Pappy.  Eventually, my grandfather, Jim "Pappaw" Crigger moved to Kentucky to start a farm of his own, and the first thing he did was set up beehives. When my father inherited the farm, he started a food company focused on honey-based products.  Now, I am blessed to be able to continue the legacy. 

Beekeeping, harvesting honey, farming...it is not what I have always done but it has always been part of who I am.  For 80 years, Criggers have raised bees and harvested honey.  While each generation has used those skills a little differently, the common beliefs and principles have stayed the same.  The foundation of Crigger Farm lies in using natural and holistic beekeeping methods, harvesting honey that stays pure and natural, and creating delicious, quality products from that honey. 

We believe in protecting bees and the environment in which they live.  We take pride in the products we craft from pure and natural honey.  We hope that you find strong family traditions that can be passed to the next generation as we have with Crigger honey.  Enjoy!!